Wardrobe Planner: Easy To Learn, Easy to Use and Easy on your Budget!

Look your best and make the most of your clothing budget with Wardrobe Planner, the complete wardrobe inventory management software designed for anyone from the professional business person to the savvy household manager.

Whether you work on Wall Street, Main Street, or anywhere in between; this helpful wardrobe and outfit organizing software will keep your clothing and closets organized, help you create well assembled outfits, and easily help you find every piece you own in an instant.

Use the clothing calendar so you donít repeat the same outfit often. Itís like having your very own personal dresser right at your fingertips!

Wardrobe Planner is the quintessential clothing, closet and outfit organizer for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!

  How can Wardrobe Planner  help you?
  • Clothing inventory and storage: Know what you have and where you have it.
  • Outfits: Group your clothes and accessories into outfits and make the most of the wardrobe items you have.
  • Lists:
    • Charitable donations: Keep track of your charitable donations.
    • Travel lists: Make sure you have everything you need to look your freshest whether traveling for business or pleasure.
    • Laundry/dry cleaning lists
    • Clothing consignments: Track where youíve consigned items, what you have on consignment, what was sold, and how much it sold for.
  • Wish lists: Create wish lists so while shopping in person or on the internet, you will know your needs and budget, be able to compare items with current pieces, add item pictures, save prices, save the item web page, even associate that item to an existing item in order to match style and color.
  • Clothing calendar: Plan and track what you wear and when you wear it.

Did we mention that our software is quick and easy to set up? Create a record, fill a few descriptors, add a picture and move onto the next item. Or import an entire clothing inventory worth of photos with the click of a button and fill in the descriptor data at your leisure!

Either way, you will be able to mix and match all your clothes into lots of different outfits in no time at all!

Please note: In
Wardrobe Planner, inventory items can be assigned to one person only.

  None of our WardrobeTools Software Products are available for purchase at the moment nor have they been priced. We are making these fully functioning demos available to you because of the high interest thus far in our products. This is your chance to test drive and become familiar with the software before they are available for purchase!

We have a new addition to our
WardrobeTools suite of software products! Wardrobe Companion is the iPad and iPhone companion to our computer based products, Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant, and Wardrobe Manager. Go to http://www.wardrobe-companion.com for the full story or click here for a quick overview.

Did we mention that all WardrobeTools software products; Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager are compatible with Macs and PC's and iOS devices?

With additional software Wardrobe Planner, Wardrobe Assistant and Wardrobe Manager can be networked and accessed over the internet via Filemaker Server, Remote Desktop or VPN!